Template Designer - Amazon VCS

Linnworks allows customizing the template(s) you wish to use for uploads with Amazon VCS (VAT Calculation Service). For each Amazon channel that supports VCS, a separate invoice can be created.

Creating a Template

Like other Invoice Templates, Amazon VCS templates can contain Template Elements such as:

  • Images 
  • Order Items
  • Labels and Variables.

To manipulate with Template Elements, first, drag and drop the element to the invoice and then these can be customised by double-clicking the element on the template. Further information on customising table elements can be found here

VCS v2

For VCS templates there are specific recommendations from Amazon that is highly recommended to follow and note:

Amend the default template and at minimum replace the logo and [{AmazonShipFromAddress}] (“Your Company Address”) with your full registered VAT address. As this will default to Amazon fulfilment centres in some cases. 

Use following variables to facilitate information supplied from Amazon:

[{CustomerBillingAddress}] - This includes the Buyers VAT Number
[{AmazonLegalText}] - Citation text if required by EU VAT Directive for example: “This is an intra-community supply of goods”

Order Item table has limited options due to the way this information is supplied from Amazon. Also, it will contain the shipping, gift wrapping and promotional discounts as separate order item entities. (See default Amazon VCS template) 


Next, you will need to enable Amazon VCS Self-Invoice Upload in your Amazon Channel Integration Settings and set which template you wish to use for this channel. With this option enabled Linnworks will check Amazon every 12 hours for the latest  _VAT_INVOICE_DATA_REPORT_ and use this data to upload the relevant invoices.