Template Designer: Inventory Manifest

The inventory Manifest provides information regarding the stock items held in Linnworks. It is used in conjunction with the Stock Count functionality.
The following documentation makes reference to the legacy Linnworks Desktop application. To find out if you have access to Linnworks Desktop, please click here.

Printing Conditions:  


Inventory manifests are desgined aid stock counting. Manifests can be printed using one of 3 options; counted stock, not counted stock or a complete inventory. Printing the not counted document provides you with a guide to write the counts on. When the count is done, the barcodes printed on the sheet can be scanned when entering the counted values, which accelerates the process.

Available Elements

All templates can contain Images, Labels and Variables. In addition to these, the following pre-defined Table element is available for use in Inventory Manifests:

  • Inventory Manifest

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