Template Designer: Invoice Template

Linnworks allows for customizable Invoice templates. They can include a range of information, and multiple invoice layouts can be configured. Invoice layouts other than Default can have Printing Conditions added to them, to automate the selection of design where a seller uses different brands on different selling channels, for example.


Customised invoices can be either attached to emails or printed to send with an order. There are a number of template elements that are unique to invoices, which are described below.

Available Elements

All templates can contain Images, Labels and Variables. In addition to these, the following pre-defined Table elements are available for use in Invoice Templates:

  • Order Items
  • Order Notes

These can be customised by double clicking the element on the template. Further information on customising table elements can be found here. In addition to these tables, there are two more elements that are specific to invoices:

  • PPI Stamps
  • Integrated Shipping Labels

PPI Stamps

PPI stamps are stamps designed to be peeled off and fixed to the shipping label on the front of the package. The PPI stamps available in Linnworks are primarily Royal Mail services'. Most couriers Linnworks has a direct integration with, including Royal Mail, now offer shipping labels to be printed directly via the "Print Shipping Label" option when an order is right clicked in Order Book or via the Integrated Shipping Label, described in the section below.

 Using PPI Stamps

Please Note! For Royal Mail Services, only stamps ending in RM should be used. Other stamps are an older style and don't include the 'Delivered by Royal Mail' section.

  1. PPI Stamps can be added to a template by the normal drag and drop method
  2. Double clicking the element will bring up config window:
    • Account Number: This is the account number you have with your courier
    • Default PPI Stamp: This is the default PPI stamp that will be displayed on the template
    • Add: Clicking this will add stamps that can be used in place of the default stamp, if the Linnworks Postal Service Method on the order matches one of the additional services, the appropriate PPI stamp will be displayed, otherwise the default PPI stamp is displayed
    • The bottom section of the Edit Label window is a preview of the stamp, it will also show if the stamp will be cropped if the bounding box is too small
    • Once you are happy with the config, click OK
  3. The bounding box should be altered such that the stamp isn't cropped
    • For assistance with editing elements, please see this guide
  4. Click Save on the template

Integrated Shipping Labels

Integrated Shipping Labels are designed to work with self paper that contains a self adhesive area, designed to be peeled off and attached to the front of the parcel. They can be added to a template in the same way as other elements

 Using Integrated Shipping Labels

  1. Confirm the position of the label on your paper
    • Integrated Shipping Labels in Linnworks are 6"x4"
  2. Place the element in the correct position on the page
    • The element can be made portrait by double clicking the element and unchecking the Landscape option, then clicking OK
    • When changing the element orientation, the bounding box will have to be altered appropriately, or the label will be cropped.
  3. Print an invoice using the template with the integrated label
    • If the shipping service is using a courier that supports integrated labels, the request will be sent to the courier and the label details returned
    • This will also add the tracking number to the order
    • This may increase the time taken to print the invoice, but this is normal
  4. Click Save on the template

Further Reading