Invoice Template: Extended Properties (EPs)

This guide shortly explains how to add Item Extended Properties or Order Extended Properties to the invoice template using Template Designer.

Important! An extended property must exist on an inventory item/order prior to being displayed and printed on the invoice template. 

How to add item EPs

Item extended properties hold additional information about a product (for example, size, color, material, etc.) that you may want to display on the invoice. For further guidelines on how to do that see below.

InvoiceTemplate ExtendedProperties

NB! This functionality is not supported in the Desktop application. If you add extended properties to the invoice template in and then print this invoice from Desktop, extended properties will not appear on the invoice.   

Step 1

When creating a new invoice template, you will need to display some order items information. For that, drag the Order Items table from the Available Elements section and drop it into the template.


Step 2

Double-click the Order Items table to open the Edit Table Screen.

Step 3

Click the + Add Extended Property button to add the required extended property to the template.

AddExtendedProperty v2

Step 4

Select Property Type from the drop-down menu. Property types include:

  • Attribute
  • Channel
  • Compatibility
  • Condition
  • Fulfillment SKU
  • Other
  • Shipping 
  • Stock Item Label

Select Property Name. This is the unique property name that you used when this extended property was created.


Step 5

Click Ok

Once selected, a new column will be added to the table with both the header and the name being displayed as the extended property name. When printed, the extended property cell will show the extended property value. This only works on the main table, not the sub-table.

You can also use some formatting, alignment, or style to display the column in a certain way. More information on this here

To display item EPs on the existing invoice template:

  1. Got to Settings > Template Designer.
  2. Search for the required invoice template and click the Edit button.
  3. Double-click the Order Items table. 
  4. Click the +Add Extended Property button in the Edit Table screen. 
  5. Select Property Type and Property Name.
  6. Click Ok
  7. Save the template to apply changes.

How to add order EPs

Order extended properties store any additional information that is not saved in the Order Information section of the order and the Template Designer tool allows you to display these EPs on the invoice template.

To add order EPs to the invoice template:

  1. Go to Settings > Template Designer > Invoice Templates.
  2. Search for the required invoice template and click the Edit button.
  3. Drag & drop the Labels and Variables element from the left-side menu into the template.
  4. Double-click the element to open the Edit Label pop-up. 
  5. Click the +Extended Property button at the top right-hand corner of the pop-up.
    InvoiceTemplate ExtendedProperty
  6. Select Property Type and Property Name and then click Ok.
    InvoiceTemplate ExtendedPropertyAdd v2
  7. Click Ok in the pop-up and the Save the template to apply changes.

Now when printing an invoice for an order with an extended property, that property will be printed as well.