Template Designer: Packing List

Packing Lists are used to ensure that the correct items are added to the correct packages. By condensing this information onto a single sheet, the packer needs less paper and can work faster.


Packing Lists are documents that list all items that need to be shipped, grouped by orderID. They can be customised to highlight important information, such as the quantity of a particular SKU if is greater than one in order.

Available Elements

For all the templates images will be available as well as labels and variable. Specifically for use in Packing Lists the following pre-defined table elements are available:

  • Order: a customisable table that includes information about the items in the order. 
  • Orders (No Composite Parents): Composite Parent items do not have batches, because this box does not allow Composite Parents in the table, it has an option to specify all the batch information containing item variables such as Sell and Expire dates or Batch Numbers.

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