Template Designer: Shipping Labels

For Generic Shipping labels (printed when the Shipping Service for an order is set to Default), layout and content can be edited in this section.

Printing Conditions:  


The Generic Shipping Label tends to be a smaller area than most documentation. If you are using a specific label printer, it is recommended the size of the label and location is confirmed when creating the template to avoid problems later. The Custom option in the Page Size menu can be used to restrict the size of the printed area if the label printer size is not listed in the Page Size drop down menu.

Linnworks only has one generic shipping label, it is not possible to create new generic shipping labels or make copies of the default template.

Available Elements

Shipping labels can contain the default elements; Images, Labels and Variables.

In addition to these, the following pre-defined Table elements are available for use in Generic Shipping Label templates:

  • Order Items
  • Order Notes

These can be customised by double clicking the element on the template. Further information on customising table elements can be found here.

Further Reading