Template Designer: Stock Item Labels

Linnworks can print labels for Stock items, either to place on the item itself or on the Shelving/Racking it is stored in. The Print button is available on the Item's inventory entry.


The Labels tend to be a smaller area than most documentation. It is recommended the size of the label and location is confirmed when creating the template to avoid problems later. The Custom option in the Page Size menu can be used to restrict the size of the printed area if your label printer size is not listed in the Page Size drop-down menu. In addition to this, the Multipage Options button contains options for printing multiple labels per sheet.

Available Elements

Stock item labels support the following Template Elements

Custom Text

It is possible to have a label element that is customisable at the point of printing, for example, you may want to add a date to include an Expiration Date on your products. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Add a label element to your StockItem Label
  2. Edit the element and set the variable to [{CustomText}]
  3. Save the Template
  4. Use this guide to enable Linnworks to prompt you to enter the Custom Text at the time of printing the Stock Item label

Note: It is only possible to use a single Custom Text field on a label as there is no way to define which label element to use for different values

Extended Properties

It is possible to add additional dynamic information to stock item labels via extended properties. Adding an extended property to a SKU with a name of Additional1 and a type of StockItem Label will make the text input as the value available to the stock item label. Up to 5 additional extended properties can be applied to stock item labels, named Additional1 to Additional5. The steps to use Extended Properties on a StockItem Label are as follows:

  1. Add Extended Properties to you Stock Items eg:
    • Name: Additional1
    • Value: My Special Item
    • Type: StockItem Label
  2. Add a label element to your StockItem Label
  3. Edit the element and set the variable to [{AdditionalX}], where X is the appropriate number between 1 and 5 for the extended property you wish to display
  4. Save the Template

Further Reading