Template Designer - Warehouse Transfer

The Warehouse Transfer functionality includes the option to print a number of documents, which can be edited here. The Documents represent the transfer and it's contents at different stages in the process.


The initial document templates are all very similar, they primarily differ in the subheading which denotes the status of the transfer. Changes can be made to individual documents as befits business needs for the personnel conducting each stage of the transfer. See the documentation for Printing Templates - Warehouse Transfer.

Available Elements

All templates can contain Images, Labels and Variables. In addition to these, the following pre-defined Table elements are available for use in Warehouse Transfers:

  • Items
  • Bins and Items
  • Properties
  • Notes

Printing Conditions in Warehouse Transfers

Printing Conditions are supported by Warehouse Transfer document templates. Several documents are available by default, they have printing conditions such that match the status of the Warehouse Transfer

  • Accepted
  • Checking In
  • default
  • Delivered
  • Draft
  • In Transit
  • Packing

Please note! The default template is for transfers in the request stage

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