User Management

A Linnworks Main Account registered under the Account Owner email can have multiple users and each user is required to log in using their own unique user login email and password. The access to parts of the system and features in depends on the permissions assigned to a user, which is set up in User Management.

Accessing User Management

NB! Only the Account Owner and Admin users have access to User Management in Linnworks.

User Management can be accessed via Settings > User Management.

The User Management section consists of 4 screens:

  • Users - add, manage and remove users, user roles, and user-specific permissions.
  • Groups - add, manage and remove user groups and group permissions. 
  • Assigned Permissions - displays all permissions and users with the respective permissions.
  • History - displays a log of activities performed in relation to users and their permissions.

Types of users

User types are visible next to the user login emails in the User Management > Users screen.
User types

In general, there are three types of users in Linnworks:

  • Account Owner - the user and email address the Linnworks system is registered under. This user has access to all features, settings, and screens in Additionally, an Account Owner is the only user that can access the Subscription screen and certain features in the System tab. Account Owner email is also used for support tickets and chats.
  • Admin - a user with access to all features in Linnworks that are not exclusive to the Account Owner. A user can be made Admin by the Account Holder or other Admin users.
  • User - regular user accounts added by Account Owner or Admins. By default, regular users have access to only basic features in Linnworks. A regular user can be assigned user-specific and/or group permissions by the Account Owner and Admins.


The Account Owner and Admin users can set up and modify a password policy that applies to all users that can log in to the respective account. The configuration is available in Settings > General Settings > System > Password Policy. Further details on the password policy options are available here.

One user can have access to more than one Linnworks Main Account. These users are called Multiusers and are subject to different policies due to the nature of their user account. See this guide for further details.

Each user can also set up two-factor authentication on their own user login, whether desired. Account Holder and Admin users are able to disable 2FA for any users from the Users screen in case of a device loss or reset. Instructions for setting up 2FA are available here.

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