Assigned Permissions

The Assigned Permissions screen in Settings > User Management displays all available permissions and an overview of permissions assigned to each user or group.


NB! Only the Account Owner and Admin users have access to User Management in Linnworks. 

Assigned Permissions screen


You can use the  Search field to quickly find the required permission. Type in the name of the permission into the Search field for the screen to automatically provide search results. A partial search is also supported.

Drop-down menu

Clicking the Users button will enable the  All users drop-down menu. Clicking the Groups button will enable the  All groups drop-down menu. 

Both drop-down menus allow you to use:

  • Search: Type in the name of the user/group and tick the checkbox for the required search result. 
  • Select all: Ticking this checkbox will display all available users/groups on the Assigned Permissions screen. Having this checkbox unticked will also display all available users/groups on the screen.
  • Select a specific user/group: These drop-downs provide a list of all available in the system users/groups. Each user or group has a checkbox that you can tick to display assigned permissions for this specific user or group. 

Viewing assigned permissions

The Assigned Permissions screen shows to which users and groups the permission is assigned. On the left-hand side of the screen, you can see the list of all permissions. Depending on the search queries used or options selected in the drop-down menu, the screen will display either all users/groups or specific ones. 

Each permission on the screen is marked with one of the two symbols:

  •  - The permission is enabled.
  •  - The permission is disabled.

For a full list of all available permissions, see below.

Permissions screen

Everyone that uses Linnworks is required to log in using their own unique user account. Permissions can be set either based on user type (Admin vs regular user) or by using Group or user-specific permissions. Below is a list of all permissions with their descriptions available in the Permission tree for users and groups.


How to access Permissions

The Permissions section can be accessed from the Users or Groups screens. Open the required screen, find a user or a group and click the edit  icon. Once clicked, the Permissions screen will open where you can configure permissions for a specific user or a group.

Permissions tree

All permissions that you can configure are grouped based on the functionality they allow to use in Linnworks. For a description of a specific group of permissions, see dedicated guides. 

  • General: Access to General settings. See this guide for more details.
  • Inventory: Access to Inventory management. See this guide for more details. 
  • Orders: Access to the Orders management screens. See this guide for more details. 
  • Shipping: Access to Shipping services. See this guide for more details. 
  • Insights: Access to the Insights module.  
    • NB! This module is currently under development.
  • Dashboards: Access to the Dashboards screens. See this guide for more details. 
  • Email: Access to the Email functionality. See this guide for more details. 
  • Apps: Access to the Apps menu. See this guide for more details. 
  • Settings: Access to the system settings. See this guide for more details.