The History screen in Settings > User Management displays a log of all changes done in User Management on any users or user groups added to the Linnworks account.

NB! Only the Account Owner and Admin users have access to User Management in Linnworks.

HistorySearch & filter

  •  Search -  Search for a specific user that performed the action or was the affected entity.
  •  Date range - Select the date range the logs should be displayed for. By default, the screen displays logs from the last 90 days.
  •   Groups - Enables to display logs affecting users only in a specific group.

Grid view

  • Date and time -  Displays the date and time of the logged action. Use the arrow icons to switch between ascending and descending order.
  • User - Displays the user that performed the logged action.
  • Affected entity - displays the user and/or group the logged action affected.
  • Activity - displays the nature of the logged action. In case of newly assigned/unassigned permissions, click on View Details to see the exact permissions granted/removed from the user.
NB! Activity column entries mentioning superadmin are referring to Admin users.


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