Using Multiuser Login

This guides explains how to login to if your email address has been associated with multiple accounts. Typically this can be used by 3rd Parties such as Fulfilment Centres so they can login directly and process orders on your behalf


With it is possible to provide access to users that are not your employees through User Management. Once the new user is created it is important that you set up appropriate permissions for them so that only have access to the screens that you deem are relevant to that user. If the user has provided the same email address to another customer they will be presented with the option to select which account they would like to Login to.


The process for logging in to is identical, but with the additional step of account selection

  1. In your browser enter in the address bar
  2. The standard Login screen will be displayed
  3. Enter the credentials that have be supplied in the email that was sent when the user was created
  4. Click the Sign In button
  5. Select the required Account from the list
  6. Click the Select button
  7. You will be logged in to for the selected account and will be presented with the screens that the owner of the account has provided permission for you to access.