Shipping Management

Overview's Shipping functionality enables users to easily select services for shipping their orders without leaving the software. By directly integrating with a range of providers, all their services are available for use, and the shipping labels can be printed from within Linnworks. In addition, when printing shipping labels, the tracking information is automatically added to the order to be passed to the customer when the order is processed.

The Shipping Service section of allows the review, and updating, of these shipping providers and the services within, as well as reviewing and reconciling Manifests where supported.

Scripting and the Rules Engine can be used to automatically assign the Shipping Services used in Open Orders to meet your requirements.

Key Concepts

Fundamental concepts that will help to ease the understanding of working directly with integrated couriers via


With direct courier integration can retrieve labels / tracking details for consignments, saving time and money.

Packaging Groups

Packaging groups and types are used to accurately calculate the total weight of an order and provide this along with dimensions to the courier.

Shipping Quotes

The Shipping Quotes feature in Linnworks can be used to compare available shipping services from a range of couriers, to find the cheapest service for your orders.


Manifesting provides the ability to submit shipping usage to couriers ensuring correct billing for the services used.