Amazon Buy Shipping - Add new Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate an Amazon Buy Shipping account with Linnworks.

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Before you can integrate an Amazon Buy Shipping account, you will first have to have an Amazon Marketplace channel integrated in Linnworks.

Add new Integration

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click Add Integration
  3. Select Amazon Buy Shipping and enter an Account Name for the integration. This can be anything but should be something meaningful for further reference
  4. Select the Amazon channel integration that you want to print labels for
  5. Click on either the European or United States terms and conditions link. This will take you to an Amazon website, where you can log into seller central, read, and accept the Amazon Buy Shipping terms and conditions.
  6. When accepting these terms and conditions, it is recommended that you agree to all three terms and conditions. Failing to accept either Collect+ or Royal Mail will mean that Amazon will not offer these courier services to you when generating a label. Click Submit to continue
  7. Once you have accepted Amazon's terms and conditions, go back to, tick the Accepted Amazon Terms and Conditions checkbox
  8. Next, enter your Return Address. This address will be printed on the label and used by the buyer if a return is needed
  9. Your account is now integrated, click Close to close the integration wizard.

Update courier config

Once you have integrated Amazon Buy Shipping, you can go back and edit/review some of the details you entered when setting up the integration. To do this

  • Go to Shipping > Integrations > click the Config button  
  • Update your previously entered Return Address Information

Next Steps