Amazon Shipping - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate Amazon Shipping account with Linnworks.

How to add Amazon Shipping integration?

Go to Shipping > Integrations > + Add integration and select shipping vendor Amazon Shipping


Follow integration steps:

  1. Enter an Account Name you wish to use to identify this integration within Linnworks. (this can be anything eg. Amazon Shipping Account 1 but should be meaningful for later reference) and click Next. 
  2. Account Details - this step has 3 parts: amazonshippingstep2
    • Follow the link (Click here) to be taken through to the Amazon Sign In page and enter your seller credentials. On the next page click Allow. This will enable Linnworks to create shipments on your behalf when you start to use the integration. 
    • If you do not have Amazon Shipping account yet, click on the second link (here), this will bring you the page where you can register your interest.
    • Account Details: select for which Amazon subsource you would like to use this shipping integration, alternatively, you can choose For non-Amazon orders. Please Note! For each subsource, there should be a separate Amazon Shipping integration.
    • When done, click Next:
  3. Enter the address where your parcels are to be picked up. The boxes outlined in red are mandatory. Please ensure that this address matches the one Amazon Shipping use for your daily pickups. Once you have entered the pickup address, please choose whether you wish to provide an alternative return address (this is optional). Click Next to continue.
    • If you have chosen to enter a different return address, then you will see another page, very similar to the pickup address page. Click Next to move on.
  4. Pickup Schedule: the pickup window is for when Amazon Shipping should arrange to collect your parcels.
    • Please Note! This field is optional:
      • If the pickup schedule is used, enter the start and end time of the window for each day you have a pickup. Please ensure that these times match the pickup window offered by Amazon Shipping. 
      • If the dates are left empty, then Amazon assumes that pickup is expected by the next business day.
  5. Click Next to complete the integration steps.

Having completed the above steps, you should now see the complete window. Click Close to start adding services and use the integration.

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