Amazon Shipping - Edit Services

This guide covers parts of the Edit Services screen that are specific to Amazon Shipping integration.

Editing services aims to make handling courier shipping services as simple as possible, regardless of what courier you are using. The most common steps for managing shipping services are available in our Generic Guide to Editing Services.

Amazon Shipping services

To add shipping services go to Shipping > Integrations > Services

shipping services

  1. Select service from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Add

Amazon Shipping available services

  • Service Selector
NB! For non-Amazon orders, only SWA-UK-PREM service will be available.

Service Selector

Currently, the default service is the “Service Selector”. This is a custom service that will pick the appropriate service returned by Amazon Shipping, based on the selection criteria you have provided. For example, you can prioritise the cheapest service by setting the Selection Method.

These options can be found when you click the Edit button on the appropriate service.

edit services

For example, if you would like to configure the service for the cheapest next day service, the configuration would be:

  • Selection Method: Cheapest 
  • Days to Deliver: Next Day


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