DHL Global Mail - Edit Services

This guide covers parts of the Edit Services screen that are specific to your DHL integration

NB! DHL Global Mail integration is no longer available. Please use the Deutsche Post integration which offers more services and features instead.

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Editing Services aims to make handling courier shipping services as simple as possible, regardless of what courier you are using. The most common steps for managing shipping services are available in our Generic Guide to Editing Services.

DHL Shipping Services

Linnworks allows you to print labels for 2 different services that DHL offer.

  • REGISTERED ITEM: This service is used for shipping internationally.
  • REGISTERED ITEM (Within DE only): This service is used for shipping nationally from within Germany.

DHL Shipping Service Options

Some courier services allow you to configure options that are specific to that courier. To configure shipping service options for DHL services, follow the guide below.

Editing shipping service options

    1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
    2. Click on the Services button in line with your DHL integration
    3. Find the service that you want to edit, and click the Edit button

Avaliable Options

  • Auto Generate CN22: If this option is selected, any labels printed with this service will include a CN22 section, displaying item information and values.

Next Steps