Rules and Guidelines

This page will explain the basics of using DHL with Linnworks

NB! DHL Global Mail integration is no longer available. Please use the Deutsche Post integration which offers more services and features instead.

Basic Guidelines

DHL, also known as Deutsche Post, is a German courier used to ship items internationally from UK via Germany. DHL Global Mail allows sellers from outside Germany to ship their items via Deutsche Post Mail services.

 If you are based outside Germany, then you will be able to use only DHL to ship abroad and you cannot use DHL for domestic shipments.

Test Labels

The Linnworks DHL integration prints labels that contain tracking numbers. These numbers come from a range of tracking numbers that will be supplied to you by DHL upon request (please contact your DHL Sales Manager for further information).

When adding a new integration, you will be required to enter this tracking number range. If you would rather test the integration with some test labels before making use of your allocated tracking numbers, do not tick the 'I have a tracking range' checkbox when integrating. You will then be able to use the integration to print test labels before going live. You can go back to the integration at any time to add your tracking range.

Tracking Range

Once the range limit has been reached you will receive an error (You have reached your maximum parcel range limit) and need to request a new range from Deutsche Post UK via your DHL Account Manager.

The start and end range become editable when the label range is within 100 of the end range, so the range can be updated once requested from DHL.

Airway Bill

An Airway Bill is needed for DHL Global Mail integration. It details the basic information about your items and creates the shipment data for DHL to complete the 1st mile delivery on your items to Germany. It tells DHL where your shipment is going and that the GMB service is required and your DHL Express account number. Each waybill has a unique number giving you proof of consignment which you can use on DHL's website to track your shipment.

For more information on how to get your Airway Bill visit


To upload the e-file you would need an associated Airway Bill. For some other couriers, the Airway Bill is per parcel, DHL Global requires an Airway Bill per complete shipment, usually containing multiple mail items. Therefore the same waybill is often used for all the Global Mail items on one day.

After every filed manifest and uploaded e-file the Airway Bill in your Integration configs need to be updated. 

You can download this e-file by clicking on the provided link in the config screen and manually upload it to the DHL portal. You have to be registered for the Deutsche Post portal, this can be enabled for you by emailing

By uploading the efile into the Deutsche Post portal you will get the followinfg benefits:

  • Email notification to your end customer (as long as the email address has been entered.)
  • Tracking scan from collection within 24hr window
  • Full tracking updates from collection to delivery
  • Public tracking link that can be provided to the end customer (Please note this will only work if you have uploaded the data successfully to the Portal.)
  • History of uploaded items including the ident code of the items.
  • Visibility of when items have been delivered on the Overview screen.

When you upload the e-file you provide DHL all your shipment information at the end of your business day in one big file, that you upload to a defined, secured FTP Server. DHL in return processes the provided information, prepares the shipping and pick up while you create the labels according to predefined and certified standards.

In order for this file to be produced the user must now file a Manifest. Go to Shipping > Shipping Manifests > DHL Global Mail > File . The e-file will be ready to download by clicking on the link provided in the config screen Shipping > Integrations > DHL Global Mail > Config   

Next Steps