The Easyship integration enables Linnworks merchant's to access the broadest courier network, with over 250+ shipping solutions and discounted rates from global couriers, or the ability to link your own carrier accounts from one streamline dashboard. Best of all, you’ll be able to generate labels, customs documentation, update tracking and even generate returns within the Linnworks interface!


We're the only shipping solution providing the ability to generate labels within the Linnworks interface, while also automating returns at scale.

Info! As Easyship is a 3rd party integration, technical support is fully provided by the developer. The developer may also apply their own costs for the use of this functionality. Please use the developer's website to request support or check pricing information.

Supported features

Shipping Aggregator Provides shipping services from multiple couriers.
Printer Settings Supported label formats for printing: PDF
Customs Forms Customs forms can be automatically printed together with the shipping labels.
Linnworks Customs Declaration feature can also be used to print customs forms.
Label Cancellation Cancelling a label in Linnworks prior to filing a manifest will cancel the label with the courier.
Manifesting Filing a shipping manifest in Linnworks submits the data to the courier.
Shipping Quotes Shipping services between couriers that support the feature can be compared directly on the Open Orders screen to select the most suitable service available.
Tracking URL A Tracking URL can be added to Linnworks Dispatch Notification emails when a shipping label with a tracking number is printed via Linnworks.  
Easyship integration with Linnworks is compatible with Easyship box automations. See more here.

Adding the integration

Detailed installation and configuration instructions are provided in the Developer's user guide.​ For additional information, further assistance and technical support, please contact the developer directly.

Below are the steps for initiating the integration installation in Linnworks:

  1. In Linnworks.net go to Shipping > Integrations and click the  + Add Integration button.
  2. Search for the Easyship integration and click Install Application.
  3. Follow further instructions from the developer.


Next steps: