FedEx - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate FedEx account with Linnworks.

Table of Contents

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations.
  2. Click Add integration, select FEDEX, enter the Account Name for the integration, click Next.
  3. Select "I accept" for "Do you accept the agreement?" and click Next.
  4. Enter Account Details, click Next.

Detailed Guide

  1. Open the Shipping Integrations screen
  • Click Shipping
  • Click Integrations
  2. Add New Courier
  • Click Add Integration
  • Select shipping vendor FEDEX
  • Enter an Account Name for internal reference. This should help staff to distinguish the integration from others
    NB! A test integration for sample labels can be added only if the Account Name is *TEST* (including *). Details on sample labels provided here.
  • Click Next
  • Read and agree to End-User license to continue
  • Click Next
  3. Enter the Account Details
  • Account Details
    • Language
    • FedEx Account Number
      NB! When adding a test integration for sample labels, use the Test Account Number. After label verification confirmation, use your actual Account Number. Details on sample labels provided here.
  • Shipper Address of your registered FedEx account
    • Person First Name
    • Person Last Name
    • Company Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Street Line 1
    • Street Line 2
    • City
    • State or Province Code
    • Postal Code
    • Country
  • Click Next
  4. If the country entered in the last step is not in EMEA (Europe) further account verification will be prompted for:
  • Meter Number
  • API User Key
  • API User Password
    NB! To add a test integration for sample labels, use the test credentials.
    After sample label verification from FedEx, use the production credentials.
    Details on obtaining both test and production credentials are provided here.
  • Click Next
  5. Shipping Schedule - Printing labels after the specified cut-off time will be collected the following specified shipping time
  • Enter your local timezone
  • Enter the time for collections per day
  6. Confirm Shipping Details
    • Complete  Shipper Details
      • Validate Address - Checkbox
      • Dropoff Type - Select from the drop-down list
      • Packaging Type - Select from the drop-down list
      • Declared Value - Checkbox
      • Shipping Charges Payment Type - Select from the drop-down list
    • Taxpayer Identification
      • TIN Type - Select from the drop-down list
      • Taxpayer Identification/EORI Number - Enter the number
      • IOSS Registration Number - Enter the number
    • Variable Handling Charges
      • Variable Handling Charge - Enter the amount
      • Rate Element Basis Type - If applicable, select from the drop-down list
      • Rate Type Basis Type - If applicable, select from the drop-down list
    • Shipping Quotes
      • Rate Request List - Checkbox
      • Rate Request Preferred - Checkbox
  7. Maskable Data Types: select if you would like to exclude any information from the label
    • Mask Terms and Conditions
    • Mask Account Numbers
    • Mask Customs Value
  8. Export Documents Options 
    • Export Documents: if you would like to  submit electronic trade documents, tick the first box and at least 1 more box, for example, commercial invoice - this will ensure that only the shipping label is printed and the waybill and commercial invoice will be sent electronically
      • Electronic Trade Documents
      • Print ETD
      • Certificate of Origin
      • Commercial Invoice
      • General Agency Agreement
      • Nafta Certificate of Origin
      • Pro Forma Invoice
    • Document Options
      • Provide Instructions
      • Suppress Additional Languages
      • Letter-head image URL
      • Signature image URL
    • Nafta COO Details
      • Blanket Period
      • Nafta Importer Specification Type
      • Nafta Producer Specification Type
  9. Optional Details
    • Select any options that apply. Note that any option you select will require further details to complete
    • Alternatively, if none of the optional details applies, click Next to continue
  10. Registration Complete
  • This page indicates the registration has been completed, click Close to move on to adding FedEx services to your integration.

When opening the Config screen after the integration is added, you will be able to see and amend most of the details added during integration setup. There will also be an additional setting available in under Account Details:

  •  Multiple integrations - when this setting is ticked, you will be able to add several FedEx integrations using the same account number. This can be used e.g. when you need to ship from several different warehouse locations using the same FedEx account.
    By default, this setting is disabled. Note that the setting needs to be ticked only on the first added FedEx integration and can be left unticked on any secondary integrations.


Next Steps