Freipost - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate a Freipost account with Linnworks. 

Table of Contents

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click  Add Integration and select Freipost
  3. Enter a unique Account Name and click Next
  4. Confirm and Close

Detailed Guide

    1. Open the Shipping Integrations Screen
      • Click Shipping
      • Click Integrations
    2. Add New
      • Click Add Integration
      • Select shipping vendor Freipost
      • Click Install
    3. Click Install and select a Subscription Plan
      • Click Next
    4. Enter an Account Name for internal reference
      • This should help your staff to distinguish the integration from others integrations
      • Click Next
    5. Configure the New Integration
      • Please enter your Customer Details. Note that these details will be used by Freipost for returning purposes when your shipments can't be delivered
      • Confirm the information that you have completed by selecting the tick box 
      • Click Next and Close to complete the integration

When reopening the Config screen for the integration, you will see an additional section called Linnworks Custom Declaration - Sender Details. This section is used for the customs documentation. Full details are available here.

Next Steps