Gati Kwe - Rules & Guidelines

This guide will cover the capabilities and guidelines for using the Gati Kwe integration as when working with external couriers, it is sometimes the case that the integration may not support the same functionalities as other Linnworks shipping integrations.


Service Selection

Gati Kwe integration will allow you to work AIR and Express services. 

Printing Shipping Labels

When printing shipping labels the following consignment elements should be defined:

  • Phone Number
  • State
  • Postcode 
  • Country
  • Package dimensions - must be greater than zero



A Collection manifest and Sales Order Summary must be handed over to the collection officer and it is highly recommended to print and file the manifest at least 20 minutes prior to the collection.
Manifest and Sales Order Summary can be reprinted at any time, by going to: Settings > Shipping Service > Filed Manifests..png

Cancelling Labels

The Gati Kwe integration does support the cancelling of labels via the interface, therefore labels do not have to be cancelled by logging into your Gati Kwe account.

Labels and Customs forms

When printing labels with Gati Kwe, customs documentation is available with the Linnworks Customs Declaration feature. Please see full details here.

Shipping Quotes

Gati Kwe shipping service integration supports Shipping Quotes functionality. For further information see our specific documentation for Shipping Quotes. 

Next Steps