Gati Kwe - Edit Services

This guide covers parts of the Edit Services screen that are specific to your Gati Kwe integration.

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Editing Services aims to make handling courier shipping services as simple as possible, regardless of what courier you are using. The most common steps for managing shipping services are available in our Generic Guide to Editing Services.

Gati Kwe Shipping Services

Linnworks allows you to print labels for the following Gati Kwe Shipping services:

Air and Express

Gati Kwe Shipping Service Options

Some courier services allow you to configure options that are specific to that courier. To configure shipping service options for Gati Kwe services, follow the guide below.

Editing shipping service options

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click on the Services button in line with your Gati Kwe integration
  3. Find the service that you want to edit, and click the Edit button

Avaliable Options

Below is a list of all available options for services that are offered by Gati Kwe. Please note that all options may not be available on all services.

  • Enchanced Compensation: Selecting a level in this dropdown menu will set enhanced compensation for this courier service
  • SMS Notification: Ticking this option will enable SMS notifications, which will advise the customer via SMS of delivery information

The following sections are available for external shipping integrations in Linnworks by default.

Additional Labels

This section enables you to use the Linnworks Customs Declaration feature. Full details on using this feature are available here

International Shipping

  • Customs Value Includes Tax: when enabled, Linnworks will use the tax-inclusive order Total Value and the Unit Value of each item on any printed customs documentation. More details here.
    NB! This setting is enabled by default. Disable it to instruct Linnworks to use the order Total Value and the Unit Value with tax excluded.

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