Generic Shipping

Generic Shipping exists on each Linnworks account by default and cannot be deleted. It is not linked to any couriers and their services and does not have any configuration options. Generic Shipping can be used to generate a basic and manually set up shipping label for orders that are not assigned any courier services.

Generic Shipping

Generic Shipping services

The Default service the system uses for orders that do not have any other service assigned is linked to Generic Shipping. Additionally, all Postal Services created in Linnworks not linked to any shipping integrations will be automatically assigned to Generic Shipping until they are linked to a courier service under a shipping integration.

Clicking on the Services button on the Generic Shipping line in the Integrations screen will display a list of all Linnworks Postal Services not integrated with a vendor. This list cannot be edited from the shipping integration screen. To edit any of the services, go to Shipping > Postal Services.

Generic shipping label

The Generic Shipping label can be printed via Linnworks for any order that is assigned a Postal Service not linked to any shipping integration. The label is user-defined and no information is pulled for any shipping service providers.

The Generic label template can be set up in Settings > Template Designer > Shipping Label. Full details on using and editing this template are available here.

NB! Only one shipping label template can be set up.

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