GFS - Edit Services

This guide covers parts of the Edit Services screen that are specific to your GFS shipping integration.

Editing services aims to make handling courier shipping services as simple as possible, regardless of what courier you are using. The most common steps for managing shipping services are available in our Generic Guide to Editing Services.

GFS services

To add shipping services go to Shipping > Integrations > Services

shipping services

  1. Select service from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Add


GFS available services

Due to the nature of GFS, the available services will be dependent on the courier that you have specified for the integration. Please note that the services may not reflect the services offered by a standalone Linnworks integration with the same courier.

GFS service options

To edit services, go to Shipping > Integrations > Services > Edit on the required service line.edit services

Please note the available options can depend on the service.

  • RouteCode - select from the dropdown.
  • Despatch deferred by Days - select the number of days (from 0 to 10) by which to defer the despatch date. The default selection is 0.

 Customs Info

  • Duties Payment Type: select the party responsible for duties payment from the dropdown.
  • Customs Value Includes Tax: when enabled, Linnworks will use the tax-inclusive order Total Value and the Unit Value of each item for any customs information printed and submitted to the courier. More details here.
    NB! This setting is enabled by default. Disable it to instruct Linnworks to use the order Total Value and the Unit Value with tax excluded.


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