GFS - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate a GFS account with Linnworks.


  • A GFS Account
  • Accounts with the couriers you wish to use through the GFS framework

How to add GFS integration?

The process of adding a GFS integration is done in two parts. Once the first part of the integration is completed, GFS will need to validate the account. The integration will not be active until this process has occurred. Once the validation has been done, some further steps need to be taken before services can be added, these are detailed in the Post-Validation section below.

 Pre-Validation steps:

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations > Add integration, select shipping vendor Global Freight Solutions (UK) and click Integrate.
    GFS add
  2. Enter an Account Name for the integration. This can be anything but should be something meaningful for further reference
  3. Tick I already have a GFS account, if you have a GFS account, alternatively, leave the box unticked, click Next.
  4. Enter your despatch location details and click Next.
  5. Select a courier that you wish to use through the GFS Framework and click Next.
    • Please note that you will need a separate integration for each courier you wish to use through the GFS courier
  6. Your account will need to be enabled by GFS before it can be used. Click Close to exit the wizard.

Post-Validation steps

  1. Once your account has been activated by GFS, the status will show Input Required in the Shipping > Integrations screen
  2. Click Config
  3. Read through the information on the wizard screen.
  4. Here you also have the field to enter your EORI number:
    GFS eori
  5. Click Close to complete the integration.

Next Steps: