Hermes (Corporate) - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate a Hermes (Corporate) account with Linnworks. 

How to add Hermes (Corporate) integration?

Go to Shipping > Integrations > Add integration and select shipping vendor Hermes (Corporate)


Follow integration steps: 

  1. Enter an Account Name This can be anything (e.g. Hermes Corporate 1), but should be meaningful for later reference and click Next.
  2. Enter the Client Id and Client Name provided to you by Hermes. Please enter the other details as necessary (Hermes will give these details should they be required). Textboxes highlighted in red are mandatory. Click Next to move onto the next step.
  3. On the next screen, please enter the shipping address as it is on your Hermes account. Click Next to move onto the next step.
  4. The next step asks you to enter your daily pickup cut-off times that you have organised with Hermes Corporate.
  5. Clicking Next will complete the registration for you. You can now add services and edit the service options like any other shipping integration within Linnworks.

Additional options

Hermes newconfig

  • Address Validation: Tick to include address validation (UK only). This process is also known as address verification. If the address in question matches an address in the official database, the address "validates", meaning it's a real address.
  • Customer Alerts:
    • Alert Group: This is an alert group as provided by Hermes

Hermes newconfig2

  •  Export Details:
    • Default Country of Origin - choose the default country of origin that will be used if the item country of origin is not set 
    • EORI/VAT Number - your EORI/VAT number. This is only printed on the commercial invoice and not sent to Hermes.
    • IOSS Registration Number - this is the shipper's IOSS number.
    • Print Commercial Invoice - ticking this will enable automatically printing Commercial Invoices where needed.
    • Commercial Invoice Copies - specify the number of invoices that need to be generated.

Hermes newconfig3 v2

  • Please note! The following values will only be printed on the Commercial Invoice and are not sent to Hermes:
    • Contact person - contact person for customs
    • Phone number - a contact number for customs
    • Email address - contact email for customs
    • Signature name - the signature name of the contact for customs
    • Signature title - the title of the contact used for customs

 Next Steps