Huxloe Logistics

Huxloe Logistics shipping integration allows printing shipping labels for orders assigned to shipping services available via this integration in Linnworks. This is an external application by a 3rd party and support is fully provided by the developer.
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Available features

Feature Description
External integration Linnworks communicates directly with your Huxloe Logistics account allowing the two systems to work together as one seamless platform.
Label printing Linnworks allows a shipping label to be printed for orders assigned to shipping services available via Huxloe Logistics integration.
Label canceling Canceling a label in Linnworks prior to manifesting will automatically cancel a label on the courier account.
Manifest Manifest orders directly from Linnworks without the need to login into your Huxloe Logistics account.
Commercial Invoices This integration does not supply commercial invoices.
Shipping quotes Compare available shipping services through the Shipping Quotes functionality to find the best service for your orders.