Landmark - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate a Landmark account with Linnworks. 

Table of Contents

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click  Add New Integration and select Landmark
  3. Click install Landmark 
  4. Enter the Account Name and click Next
  5. Enter your details and Click Next 
  6. Your integration has been completed

Detailed Guide

  1. Open the Shipping Integrations Screen
    • Click Shipping
    • Click Integrations
  2. Add New
    • Click Add New Integration
    • Select shipping vendor Landmark
  3. As External Application, click Install 
  • Click Install again 
  • Enter an Account Name for internal reference. This should help for later to distinguish the integration from others and Click Next
  • Configure the New Integration
    • Complete the fields with your credentials 
    • Client ID, Username and Password need to be provided by Landmark. Contact your account manager or click here 
    • Click Next
  • Click Close. Landmark Integration has now been completed

When reopening the Config screen for the integration, you will see an additional section called Linnworks Custom Declaration - Sender Details. This section is used for the customs documentation. Full details are available here.

Next Steps