myHermes - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate a myHermes account with Linnworks.

Please Note! The integration can be used only by customers with Business & Credit account. If you have a Pre-Pay Business account or Pay as You Go, it has to be upgraded. Please check here how to upgrade your myHermes with Business & Credit Account.


How to add myHermes integration?

Go to Shipping > Integrations > + Add integration and select shipping vendor myHermes myhermes111

Follow the integration steps:

  1. Enter an Account Name (this can be anything eg. myHermes Account 1 but should be meaningful for later reference) and click Next.
  2. Fill in your shipper details (it should be address registered with your myHermes account) and click Next. This information can be edited any time by clicking on the Config button but boxes highlighted with red must be filled in as per myHermes requirements.
  3. You will be requested to log into myHermes to confirm your account, please follow the link (click here).
  4. Type in your account details.myHermesSignIn
  5. Below confirmation will appear, click Next to continue integrationconfirmaccount
  6. Now registration is complete, click Close and proceed with adding services.


Next Steps