ParcelStation - Rules & Guidelines

This guide will cover the capabilities and guidelines for using the ParcelStation integration as when working with external couriers, it is sometimes the case that the integration may not support the same functionalities as other Linnworks shipping integrations.

Table of Contents


Service Selection

ParcelStation integration will allow you to work with a wide range of services. Please click here to see a full list of services.



ParcelStation does not currently support online filing manifests, however, Linnworks will still allow our own internal filing of the manifests for ParcelStation integration to allow you to keep a record of which consignments were grouped together.

Please note that although the Print Manifest for Parcel station is not supported the Print Consignment functionality is. Therefore Print Consignment will print based on the Linnworks Consignment template, which can be customised in Template Designer.

Cancelling Labels

The ParcelStation integration does not currently support the cancelling of labels via the interface, therefore labels can be cancelled by logging into your ParcelStation account.

Labels and Customs forms

When printing labels with ParcelStation, customs documentation is available with the Linnworks Customs Declaration feature. Please see full details here.


Next Steps