Royal Mail OBA - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate a Royal Mail OBA account with Linnworks.


Before integrating your Royal Mail OBA account with Linnworks you will need the following:

  1. A Royal Mail credit account (not a pre-paid account)
    If it is a pre-paid account, please contact Royal Mail about changing your account, otherwise, you will not be able to use the integration.
  2. Your Royal Mail OBA account email address
  3. Your Royal Mail OBA account number (10 digits, starting with a 0)
Note: If your account number does not start with a 0, simply add a 0 to the start of your existing account number.

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations.
  2. Click  Add Integration, select ROYALMAIL, enter the Account Name for the integration, click Next
  3. Read and accept Royal Mail's terms and conditions, click Next
  4. Confirm that you have logged in to your Royal Mail Online Business Account, click Next
  5. Enter the Account Number
  6. Enter Account Details, click Next
  7. Click Close

Detailed Guide

1 Open the Shipping Integrations Screen

  • Click on Shipping
  • Click on Integrations

Add New Courier

  • Click on Add Integration
  • Select shipping vendor ROYAL MAIL
  • Enter an account name (This can be anything (eg Royal Mail Account 1), but should be meaningful for later reference) 
  • Click Next

Click Accept for the Royal Mail terms and conditions

  • Read the Getting Started Information
  • Read the Royal Mail Terms and Conditions
  • To accept, tick by I accept Royal Mail’s terms and conditions
  • Click Next

Validate the Royal Mail OBA Profile

  • Login to Royal Mail’s website to confirm the OBA account/profile to be used is Active.
    • Use the OBA Login link to verify your login credentials are correct...png
    • If this is not possible, an email will have been sent by Royal Mail with instructions to activate the profile.
    • Otherwise, please contact Royal Mail
  • Once successful in confirming the profile is active, tick the option I have logged in successfully
  • Click Next

Enter account information

  • Enter the Royal Mail account number in the box provided 
  • The account number must be 10 digits long
    • if the account number only has 9 digits, please put a leading 0 at the front.
    • eg The account number is 123456789 - Change it to 0123456789.
    • If the account number is unknown, please contact Royal Mail
  • Click Next

6 Enter the business information:

    • Contact Name
    • Business Name
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • Address 3
    • Town
    • Postcode
    • The email address registered with the Royal Mail account
    • Telephone

7 Enter the International Shipping Details:

    • Shipper VAT number
    • Shipper EORI number
    • Delivery terms (one of the below):
      • DDP - If an item is being sent as Postal DDP (PDDP)
      • PRS - If an item is being sent via a pre-registration scheme. Can be used for other International Commercial 3 Letter Trade Terms for Commercial Invoice Purposes.
      • Can be left blank if none of the above is applicable.
    • Default HS Tariff code - if an order item does not have an Extended Property for HS Tariff code added, this value will be used.
    • Default Country of Origin - if an order item does not have an Extended Property for Country of Origin added, this value will be used.
  • Click Next
  • Click Close

8 Wait for the email confirmation

  • The integration status will be Awaiting vendor
  • Royal Mail will send an email to confirm your account has been verified.
  • Please wait for this email before proceeding to step 9.

9 Review your details

  • Click on Config, on the account that was set up in steps 1-8
  • Check the address and return address details match the preferred locations
  • Amend the details if necessary
  • Click Next
  • Click Close

Next Steps