ShipStation is a web-based platform offering e-commerce merchants in the United States and Canada an incredibly flexible service to improve their shipping management routines. It is an easy-to-follow interface that supports the majority of leading shipping vendors and is designed to save online retailers both order fulfilment time and money. ShipStation provides handy tools to customize fulfilment rules and automate shipping process.
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Integration provides the ability to:

  • Export Linnworks orders to ShipStation
  • Retrieve order shipping and tracking information from ShipStation
  • Process orders directly in ShipStation or process orders in Linnworks once these are shipped in ShipStation

This section of the documentation covers the use and functionality of the integration between and Shipstation.


Direct Integration Linnworks communicates directly with your ShipStation account allowing the two systems to work together as one seamless platform.
Integrate Label Linnworks allows the shipping label to be inserted directly on your invoice where a peel off label can be used.
Shipping Aggregator ShipStation provides services from multiple couriers which can be useful if you do not have a direct account with each courier.