SmartConsign - Rules and Guidelines

When working with external couriers, it is sometimes the case that the integration may not support the same functionality as others. This guide will cover the rules and guidelines for using the SmartConsign integration.

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The SmartConsign for Linnworks shipping integration allows existing SmartConsign account holders to use their carrier accounts and associated integrations directly from Linnworks. Due to manifesting and account restrictions, each carrier used must be added to Linnworks as a separate integration.

To integrate, a valid SmartConsign Linnworks API key is required as part of the setup process. 


As part of the setup process, to integrate SmartConsign, these are the pre-requirements:

  • An existing live SmartConsign account
  • Accounts with the couriers you wish to use with the integration/s, pre-configured in SmartConsign
  • A SmartConsign Linnworks API Key issued by the Help-Desk
    • This key is available from the SmartConsign help desk and can be obtained by either emailing or calling on +44 (0)345 257 3005


Due to how SmartConsign integrates with Linnworks and how SmartConsign operates the integration between carriers, the carrier services available to you are dependent on the carrier that you have selected during the integration.

When you add an account during the integration wizard, the relevant and available products for your carrier account will be available to Linnworks in the Services section of the system.

Labels and Integrated invoices

All labels created by SmartConsign are created as a PNG image and always measure 4x6 inches. Labels can either be printed directly from Linnworks or integrated into an invoice.  Rotation is supported between portrait and landscape for label printing, but please, ensure that the dimensions remain the same (4x6 inches).

For further information on templates designer, click here



SmartConsign integration with Linnworks does not currently support online manifests. However, Linnworks will still allow the Consignment for SmartConsign integration to be printed. 

  • Print manifest uses the couriers API, which SmartConsign doesn't support (Do not use)
  • Print Consignment will print based on the Linnworks consignment template, which can be customised in Template Designer

Cancelling Labels

The SmartConsign integration does support the cancelling of labels via the interface for the implemented services.

To review shipments created and cancelled you will need to register and log into the following page:

Labels and Customs forms

  • SmartConsign Labels can be printed directly from Linnworks or integrated into an invoice
  • Customs documentation is available with the Linnworks Customs Declaration feature. Please see full details here.

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