Shipping Integration

The Linnworks Shipping integration gives users access to ship using USPS Shipping Services within Linnworks directly. is an independent vendor of the USPS, allowing for their Shipping Services to be assigned to orders and shipping labels can be printed directly from the Open Orders screen.

Supported Features

Feature Description
Direct Integration Linnworks communicates directly with your account allowing the two systems to work together as one seamless platform.
Purchase Postage Use Linnworks to automate pre-purchasing of postage to ensure you do not run out of credit during busy periods.
Shipping Quotes Use Linnworks to compare the available shipping services through our Shipping Quotes functionality to find the best service for your orders.
Manifests Manifest directly from with Linnworks without the need to login to your account. This will ensure the correct billing is produced for the services you have used without any additional workload for your team.
Label cancellation Cancelling a label within Linnworks prior to manifesting will automatically cancel the label on with the postage cost automatically being refunded to your account
Customs forms When shipping internationally these important customs forms are automatically produced