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This guide will explain how to integrate a Shipping account with Linnworks.

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Before you can integrate a Shipping account, you will first have to have a live account.

Add new Integration

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click Add Integration
  3. Select from the list of availble couriers and click Integrate
  4. Enter an Account Name for the the integration. This can be anything, but should be something meaningful for further reference
  5. Tick the option I already have an account to confirm that you are an existing customer
  6. Enter your Username and Password that have been provided to you by, click Next to continue
  7. Details of your account are displayed for your confirmation. If any of the provided information is incorrect please contact to arrange having them updated, click Next to continue
  8. A screen is displayed to confirm your integration has been validated and advising on the next steps required to start printing labels for
  9. Your account is now integrated, click Close to close the integration wizard.

Update courier config

Once you have integrated, you can go return to the config at anytime to amend the following settings

Postage Settings

Note! Purchasing postage is the purchase of credit on the account, not purchase of the actual label unless the balance is less than the cost of the label and the maximum has been reached. This option is disabled by default.
  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click the Config button for your integration
  3. Scroll to display the Postage Settings
Setting Description
Available Postage Current balance available on your that you are able to spend on shipping
Auto Purchase Postage Enable this option to allow Linnworks to automatically call the top up functionality on when either there is not enough available credit or the Minimum Balance has been reached. This will use the payment credentials already defined on By default this option is disabled.
Minimum Balance When your Available Postage balance drops to this value Linnnworks will request for you account to be topped up. If you are printing directly on or another application as well as Linnworks you may not want to let the balance drop to $0.00
Purchase Amount When purchasing postage for your account Linnworks will request a top up for this value. If this is set to 0 Linnworks will purchase the cost of the label as long as its under the maximum purchase amount.
Maximum Purchase Amount This is your own personal level that you are prepared to work when auto purchasing postage. Linnworks will never go over this amount when trying to purchase postage. If this value is $0.00 then the IMPL value will act as the safety override.

Integration Maximum Purchase Limit. This is a safety limit set on all new integrations by Linnworks for auto purchasing of postage from the Linworks environment and has $500 limit by default. If you need this limit raising please contact us and your limit can be increased.


Use the following settings to configure how Linnworks interacts with the notifications sent by

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Click the Config button for your integration
  3. Scroll to display the Notifications
Setting Description
Company Name FROM Include the Company name as defined on in the FROM section of the notification
Company Name SUBJECT Include the Company name as defined on in the SUBJECT section of the notification
CC Account Holder When sending the notification also send a copy to the account holder

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