- Rules and Guidelines

This page covers any rules that are required when working with and provides guidelines on how to work with these rules


Package types (Mailpiece Types) require that requests for a shipping label have a Package type (Mailpiece type) associated with it. These are set up as an option on each service that you use. Therefore if you wish to use the same service with different package types you must set up multiple Linnworks postal services so that the unique combination can be submitted when the label is requested. More details on setting up the Packaging Type for a Shipping Service is available here.

Order Weights require that all order items have accurate weights. This means that every item has to be linked, and all weight details have to have been added to the stock item. These values can be added manually, or via Data Import. When making International shipments there is a customs entry submitted for each item which is the individual item weight x the quantity ordered.

Cancelling Labels

If you print a shipping label, and wish to cancel it, you can do so by cancelling the label in the shipping manifest or directly from Open Orders by using the option Right-click > Action  > Shipping > Cancel Label. After cancelling a label the postage cost is automatically refunded to your account.


It is a requirement of that you should manifest your labels on a daily basis which can be actioned directly from inside Linnworks. More details on filing your manifest can be found here

Shipping Quotes

The Shipping Quotes feature in Linnworks can be used to compare available shipping services from the courier, to find the cheapest service for your orders. More details on using shipping quotes can be found here

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