UPS Shipping Integration

The Linnworks UPS Integration gives users access to the full suite of UPS services for use within Linnworks directly. They can be assigned to orders, and labels requested easily and transparently. Where available, tracking numbers are automatically added to the order the label was requested for. When the order is marked as processed, the shipping and tracking information is sent to listing automatically.


Feature Description
Direct Integration Linnworks communicates directly with your UPS account allowing the two systems to work together as one seamless platform.
Customs forms When shipping internationally these important forms are automatically produced by the carrier.
Delivery Notes When added, a Delivery Note with delivery instructions is sent to the courier during label printing (max 300 characters).

NB! The Delivery Note is not printed on the label itself.
Integrate Label Linnworks allows the shipping label to be inserted directly on your invoice where a peel off label can be used.
When using UPS® Worldwide Economy services, manifest filing is mandatory to create Master Carton shipments. See full details here.
If UPS® Worldwide Economy services are not used, internal manifests are created when the manifest is filed.
Label cancellation Cancelling a label within Linnworks prior to manifesting will automatically cancel the label on UPS.
Tracking URL Tracking URL can be included to the dispatch emails when a shipping label with tracking number is printed through Linnworks. More details here.