UPS - Rules & Guidelines

This section includes an outline of the rules you must follow when using a UPS integration, as well as information that may be useful before using.

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Using Master Cartons

All UPS WorldWide Economy DDP or DDU parcels must be shipped in a Master Carton to the designated export site as set forth in the UPS contract for the UPS Worldwide Economy service.

NB! If multiple Master Cartons are required, the below steps need to be taken for each set of orders in each Master Carton separately. Several Master Cartons cannot be created and filed at once. 

To prepare a Master Carton shipment in Linnworks:

  1. Print the individual shipping labels for the batch of orders that need to be included in one Master Carton with one of the below services:
    • 'UPS® Worldwide Economy DDU
    • 'UPS® Worldwide Economy DDP

  2. Go to Shipping > Integrations > UPS > Config and check the Exporter Address fields are filled in (make sure to use the Export Site address):
    • Exporter Company Name
    • Exporter Attention Name
    • Exporter Email Address
    • Exporter Phone Number
    • Exporter Address Line 1
    • Exporter Address Line 2
    • Exporter Address Line 3
    • Exporter City
    • Exporter State Province Code
    • Exporter Postal Code
    • Exporter Country Code

  3. Check and fill in Master Carton Details based on the current Master Carton shipment. 
    NB! These fields need to be checked and amended for every new Master Carton.
    • Master Carton Package Width
    • Master Carton Package Height
    • Master Carton Package Depth
    • Master Carton Packaging Weight
    • Master Carton Packaging Type
    • Master Carton Service - UPS® Worldwide Economy service cannot be selected for the Master carton itself. This service is used for individual shipments, and the Master Carton needs to be shipped to the Export Site using a different UPS service.

  4.  Go to Shipping > Shipping Manifests and file the manifest. This will produce a new label that needs to be placed onto the Master Carton.
    To reprint the label, click on the Previous manifest number > Print Manifest documentation.

If the manifest does not contain any orders using the UPS® Worldwide Economy services, only an internal manifest is created when the manifest is filed and no data is submitted to UPS.

If the manifest contains orders using the UPS® Worldwide Economy services, all orders will be tied to one Master Carton ID which is closed off after the manifest is filed.

NB! It is not possible to re-open or amend the Master Carton after the manifest is filed.

International Shipments considerations

Some UPS International services including those to some European destinations must, where necessary, have, weight, dimensions and content of each package clearly specified. The actual requirements will depend on service, the destination country and contract type (e.g. volumetric) – Full details are available from UPS.

In order to successfully print International labels the following minimum conditions must be met for each international label:

  • The order must have weight. Ideally, each order item must have weight specified in Linnworks. The packaging must be selected.
  • Each order item cost must be specified in the order (0 order items will result in an error unless this is a resend in which case Linnworks will set the order item value to 0.0001).
  • In the case of split order packaging, each package must have weight, dimensions and a number of items in the package.

Electronic Trade Documents

Various items require Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) in order to go through customs or be shipped by UPS in general. Linnworks allows the submission of the documents with UPS integration if:

  • The documents exist somewhere that they can be accessed via HTTP, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • The stock items must have: 
    • UploadDocumentUrl as extended property that contains the URL of the document 
    • UploadDocumentFileName that contains its filename, including the extension
  • Only PDF, TXT, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, RTF, DOC and XLS are accepted
  • If more than one item in order has the same URL property then only one copy of the document will be submitted, i.e. duplicates are ignored.
  • If the order has: UploadDocumentUrl and UploadDocumentFileName as extended properties then these document will be uploaded instead of any associated with the order items

When the order label is printed in Linnworks, the URL referenced in the extended property will be sent to UPS, returning a document ID that is in turn processed in the shipment request as an EDT. For more information on adding extended properties see this guide

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