Linnworks Customs Declaration

Linnworks Customs Declaration is an additional label that can be printed together with a shipping label for any destination countries requiring Customs Declaration documentation.

NB! The feature is available only for External Shipping Integrations created by 3rd party developers or Linnworks developers as 3rd party integrations (Developer: Extensibility).

Direct Linnworks Shipping Integrations that offer services which require customs documentation have separate specific settings. Please see here for a list of applicable direct integrations.

Requirements for printing

In order for the Linnworks Customs Declaration to be printed with the shipping labels, the following requirements must be filled:

Adding Sender Details

To add the Sender Details, go to Shipping > Integrations > Config on the needed integration > Linnworks Custom Declaration - Sender Details.

LW customs sender

  • Sender's name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • Address Line 3
  • Town
  • Region
  • Postcode
  • Country

Linnworks Customs Declaration settings

Linnworks Customs Declaration is a service-based setting, meaning that it needs to be enabled separately for each service within that requires customs documentation to be printed. If the setting is not enabled, no additional label is printed.

To enable and configure the Linnworks Customs Declaration settings go to Shipping > Integrations > Services > Edit > Additional Labels.

LW customs label v2

  • Print Linnworks Customs Declaration - When ticked, the setting is enabled and the Linnworks Customs Declaration is printed with the shipping label if required for the destination country. When unticked, no additional label is printed.
  • Linnworks Customs Declaration Shipment Type - dropdown, where the following values can be selected for the type:
    • Other
    • Documents
    • Gift
    • Sample
    • Sale of Goods
    • Returned Goods
  • Electronic Signature - when ticked, the Signature name from the next field will be printed on the Customs Declaration. When unticked, only the date is printed on the declaration.
  • Signature - specify the name you wish to display on the customs declaration
  • Validate Linnworks Customs Declaration - when ticked, an error message will appear if the order item(s) are missing the HS Tariff Code and/or Country Of Origin.
  • Linnworks Customs Declaration Copies - specify the number of copies that will be printed.

Customs Details

Customs Declarations require all order items to have HS Tariff Codes and Country of Origin data inserted. In Linnworks, these details can be added to your inventory items as Extended Properties. These Properties can then be mapped in the Shipping Integration, so Linnworks will print the data on the Linnworks Customs Declaration automatically.

To ensure that the items on your order have the needed properties added before printing a shipping label and the Customs Declaration, you can enable the setting Validate Linnworks Customs Declaration, which will then display an error if either of the needed properties is missing or incorrect.

For detailed steps on how to add the HS Tariff Code and Country of Origin properties and map them to the integration correctly, please see here.

Direct Shipping Integrations

Linnworks Customs Declaration feature is only applicable to External Shipping Integrations created by 3rd party developers or Linnworks developers as 3rd party integrations (Developer: Extensibility). 

Direct Shipping Integrations which offer services requiring customs documentation each have their own specific settings to submit the needed data to the courier and/or print the needed documents.

Clicking on the name of the integration will re-direct you to the respective integration pages. Please check the Add New and Edit Services pages for integration specifics regarding customs data.