Packaging Mapping

The Packaging mapping feature is used to map Linnworks packaging types to a courier packaging code for the shipping integrations that require packaging mapping. This guide is generic to all those shipping integrations.

Key Concepts

The Packaging mapping feature allows the user to map Linnworks packaging types to a courier's particular Packaging Types. Once a courier that supports packaging mapping is integrated with Linnworks, Linnworks will submit the mapped or default packaging type to the courier.

Setting Up

For the couriers that require packaging mapping, navigate to the main shipping integration page, Shipping > Integrations, select the Properties linked for the appropriate integration to set up

Under Package Mapping section Linnworks will include a list of all Packaging Names and codes supported by the courier along with all the user’s Linnworks packaging types and groups.

Using Packaging Mapping

Please Note for Shipping couriers that require Packaging Type Mapping, a default packaging group will need to be selected in order for shipping labels to print where the packaging mapping has not been defined.

 Selecting a Default packaging type

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Select the Courier that you want to setup a Default Packaging Type mapping
  3. Click on the Properties button
  4. Select the shipping courier packaging type that you want to set as Default

 Mapping a Package Type

While a Default packaging type can be mapped and used, any of the courier shipping packaging types can be also mapped to a specific Linnworks Packaging group/type. Linnworks will submit the appropriate package type to the courier and the user will be able to generate the precise shipping label for the postal service used for any downloaded order.

  1. Go to Shipping > Integrations
  2. Select the Courier that you want to set Packaging Type mapping for its services
  3. Click on the Properties button
  4. User can define the list of mapped packaging types by clicking on the Linnworks Packaging Type row of the grid
    • Select a Linnworks Packaging Group or Type from the drop-down List
      • When a user selects a packaging type and adds it, the selected packaging type is removed from the drop-down list
      • Any Linnworks Packaging Type that has been already mapped will not be available in the drop-down list
      • Multiple Linnworks packaging types can be mapped to a single courier defined packaging type
  5. Click OK

Further Reading