Postal Services

A Postal Service is a unique virtual service created in Linnworks. By linking a channel shipping service to a Linnworks postal service, then linking the Linnworks postal service to a courier service, you can instruct Linnworks to automatically pick the right shipping service for your order.

Table of Contents

Accessing Postal Services

  1. Select Shipping
  2. Select Postal Services

Postal Services Screen Overview


  • Add Service: Clicking this button will add a new Linnworks Postal Service
  • Delete: Clicking this button will remove the currently highlighted postal service

Please Note  Only an unmapped Postal Service that does not have Open Orders assigned to it can be deleted

 Grid View

The main grid in this screen shows information about the postal services that have been added to Linnworks. Clicking the View Links button in the Service Mapping column will show both the courier integrations and the channel shipping mapping that are associated with that service. For more information on how Linnworks Postal Services are used, please see our Key Concepts guide.

Column Name Description Editable
Service The name of the postal service - for example new New Postal Service  
Country Operating country of the service – for example WORLDWIDE  
Vendor Provider of the service – for example USPS  
Tracking Number Required If the box is checked the service will require tracking number to be scanned or provided through some means  
Integrated with Vendor This shows whether this service is linked to an integrated courier service  
Service Mapping Clicking this button will display details of any courier channel shipping mapping that is linked to this Linnworks Postal Service   Clickable

 Add Services

To add postal services:

  • Click Add Services (top right).
  • Enter a Service name in the Service field.
  • Enter the operating country for the services.
  • Enter the Vendor name to be used by this service.
  • Check the checkbox if tracking number is required.
  • Click Add to create the service.

Clicking 'Add(+1)' will create a postal service and keep the add window open to allow additional services to be created.