Shipping Labels

A shipping label is a type of identification label that helps to describe and specify important package details. Shipping labels differ depending on the carrier but they all consist of things like addresses, names, weight, and a tracking barcode. To generate a label Linnworks go to Open Orders, right-click on the order(s) > Print > Shipping Labels.


Before printing the label you need to ensure that the correct service is assigned to the order. Once you select to print the label Linnworks will send an API request directly to the shipping courier, the courier will then generate the label and return it back to Linnworks. Because shipping labels are generated by the courier, there is no option to edit them in Linnworks.

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Generic Shipping Label 

If the assigned service is not added to a shipping integration, then the generic label will be printed. A generic shipping label is a basic label that gets printed for services not assigned to a specific shipping integration. Shipping Services are assigned to Generic Shipping by default and can be reassigned to other Shipping Providers to ensure that orders assigned to them are using the correct services and labelling. Orders using the Generic Shipping integration use the default Shipping Label layout in Template Designer.

The Generic Label is printed instead of Shipping Courier Label

Instead of a shipping label from a courier a generic label was printed for the order

Most common reasons for this:

  1. Shipping Vendor is not assigned to the order.
  2. The Shipping Vendor is assigned but the shipping service that is assigned to the order is not linked to the shipping integration.

 For the detailed guide. please check this guide.

Adding more information to shipping labels

Majority of the shipping labels are getting generated automatically by the shipping vendor, and there is no way to adjust the printed label. However, there are some workarounds that can be helpful, below is a list of available options:

Adding SKU and Item Quantity

An invoice template can be used to add additional details on top of the label, such as SKU and item quantity. For the detailed guide, please check this guide.

Adding a Delivery Note 

In some cases, you might want to add a note that customer left on the order. For example, a note on the order asking to leave the parcel in a specific place. To print this note, you will need to add a 'DN:' prefix to the order note in Linnworks. For the detailed guide, please check this guide.

Printing additional labels

CN22/CN23 and commercial invoices

There are a few integrations that support automatic printing of CN22 (or CN23) forms along with the shipping label, where the form is required. CN22/CN23 forms or commercial invoices are required at customs for non-EU countries and the setting that requests/generates them can be enabled or disabled in the integration config or service config. For the detailed guide and FAQ, please click here.

Pick Lists

There are some shipping integrations that allow you to print a small pick list that will follow after the shipping label. The setting for it can be enabled in shipping service settings by ticking the Pick List checkbox.

The pick list will print a list of all order items, Bin Rack and quantity and it can be printed in Portrait or Landscape format. There is also an option to print a pick list note to a Pick List printed in portrait format. In order to do so, a ‘PN:’ prefix would need to be added before an order note and it will then automatically get picked up and printed on the pick list.

Please note that this pick list is different to the template created in Template designer and thus the format or the layout of it cannot be amended. The pick list will always print with a set format and only the rotation can be amended in service settings for it.

Carriers who support printing of this small pick list are as follows:

  • Royal Mail OBA/Royal Mail Tracked 
  • DPD UK/DPD Local
  • DHL Parcel UK
  • MyHermes
  • Hermes Corporate