Shipping Quotes

The Shipping Quotes feature in Linnworks can be used to compare available shipping services from a range of couriers, to find the cheapest service for your orders.

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Key Concepts

The Shipping Quotes system in Linnworks allows the user to compare different available shipping services for an order, so that you always ship your item with the cheapest service. Once you have integrated a range of couriers that support shipping quotes, you can select one or multiple orders, and let the quote system figure out the cheapest way to ship each order.

Setting up

Not all couriers support shipping quotes. For a courier to support shipping quotes, they need to be able to receive order details, and return all their available shipping methods & prices for Linnworks to compare.

If your integrated courier supports shipping quotes, the Quote settings button will be enabled in the Shipping Integrations screen. 
When looking for the cheapest service for your order, Linnworks will include all the available services that the courier offers by default. To instruct Linnworks to only include services that you have specifically added to the integration,
  • Click the Quote button
  • Check 'Quote only for added services'.

Linnworks shows the final price including a discount. This is what courier will charge you for printing this label.

Using Shipping Quotes

Shipping quotes can be generated for single orders, or in bulk. Once generated, you will be able to assign the most appropriate shipping service to the order.

  1. Select one or multiple Open Orders
  2. Right click, and go to Actions > Shipping > Get Quotes
  3. By default, all eligible couriers will be evaluated. Click the Settings button
    • Then, double click to enable/disable couriers that you want to include quotes for
  4. If you need to change the weight, dimensions or packaging of an order, click inside the packaging column
  5. Click the Run Quotes button
Linnworks will then submit all your consignment details to the included shipping couriers (including weights and dimensions), and retrieve a list of available services for each order. The time this takes will depend on the amount of orders & couriers that are included.

Please Note! Service settings are ignored when running quotes. These can be found in Shipping > Integrations > Services > click Edit on your service. If there are any settings here, then these are ignored when requesting quotes from the courier.


Once Linnworks has retrieved a selection of applicable quotes for each order, it will display the cheapest option available, along with the name of the vendor, the service, and an estimated delivery date


Clicking Accept (or Accept All) will assign the cheapest service to the order, ready for you to print a label from the Open Orders screen.

Please Note! If you have same shipping service added more than once into your integration, then clicking Accept will assign the first service to your order.


You can also view any other quotes that Linnworks retrieved for each order individually, and select a different one if necessary by clicking the Quotes button.