Linnworks User Interface

This page breaks down the layout of the interface covering the three main sections of the screen and details the type of data and features available.

Main page no tabs

Table of Contents:

Header bar

The header bar displays your open tabs and provides quick access to several features.


If a tab is no longer required, it can be closed by clicking the 'x' on the right edge of the tab. Some tabs will also display a downwards arrow (v) icon, which can be used to refresh the given tab.



Clicking on each feature name in the below list or under Related pages will lead you to the full documentation about each feature.

header features

chat icon Live Chat - talk to either one of our sales or support representatives via instant messaging
notifications icon Notifications - a drop-down providing access to messages from the Linnworks team.
user menu icon User menu - displays your user email and provides access to Your Settings, General SettingsSubscription, Billing, and the log-out function.

Side menu

The upper icons on the side menu are the main menu used to navigate your way through your Linnworks account. Clicking on a menu item opens a child menu providing links to related screens. 


Main Menu

home page icon v2 Home Page - opens the Home Page of displaying your Notifications and the What's New section.
inventory icon Inventory - screens like My Inventory and other inventory-related features.
orders icon Orders - screens like Open Orders, Processed Orders, Rules Engine and other order-related features.
shipping icon Shipping - screens like Shipping Integrations and other shipping-related features.
dashboards icon Dashboards - screens with different reporting options.
emails icon Emails - access to the Email Notifications feature and an overview of all emails triggered via Linnworks.
apps icon Apps - access to the Application Store and your applications.
settings icon Settings - access to General Settings, Channel Integrations, Template Designer, Listing Configurators, Import & Export tools and much more.

Syncs and Support

The icons in the lower part of the side menu provide access to several features. Clicking on each feature name in the below list or under Related pages will lead you to the full documentation about each option.

sync icon Sync status - a drop-down providing info about the active, queued, and failed synchronization processes.
support icon Support - provides quick access to the Support Center, Documentation pages, Submit Feedback, the What's New screen, Developer Portal, cookie settings, Linnworks Status Page.

Main window

The main window displays the screen selected from the menu or opened from another screen. Changing between the tabs on the header bar changes the screen in the main window.

main window