Linnworks UI - Live Chat

Linnworks Live Chat enables you to contact our Technical Support and Sales agents via instant messaging. Clicking on the Live Chat icon on the header bar opens the chat popup window on the lower right of your screen.

header chat

Table of Contents:

Using Live Chat

Once the Live Chat button has been clicked, a popup window will appear on the lower right of your screen.

chat 1

The FAQs section provides you with categories of solution articles in our Support Center. Clicking on a category displays titles and links to Knowledge Base articles. These articles may already provide you with an answer to your question, so be sure to check any titles that apply to your inquiry.

chat 2

The Message Us section will display Tech Support to click on to start a new chat. This will open the initial chat window where you can type in your question into the Reply here field. Please be as specific with your question as possible.

chat 3

If you are using the Live Chat function for the first time, the system will also ask you whether you wish to turn on push notifications after you have entered your first message. This ensures that you will receive a notification when there is a new reply in the chat even if you have closed the chat window.

chat push

Your first point of contact will be the Linnworks chatbot Linny. Linny will offer you Knowledge Base articles based on the keywords in your question and options on how you wish to continue with the chat after you have checked out the suggestions.

chat 4

If the solution articles Linny has offered you were not helpful, feel free to tell Linny to transfer you to an agent. Your chat will then be assigned to a Tech Support agent as soon as possible.

chat transfer

Chat transcripts

Once your chat has been resolved and closed, it will automatically be converted into a support ticket showing the chat transcript. This can be useful if you need to refer back to the agent's replies later on for guidance.

The closed chat tickets are displayed in our Support Center > Tickets > All Tickets or Resolved or Closed views. Chat transcript tickets are easily recognizable by the title formatting "Conversation with <Your Name>". See here for full details on our support tickets.

chat transcript