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The Submit feedback option in the Support menu enables users to give feedback about the system to the Linnworks team and provides shortcuts to our Support Center and Feature Requests forum.

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Table of Contents:

Submitting feedback

Clicking on the Submit feedback option in the Support menu opens a new popup window called Submit Your Feedback.

submit feedback

  1. Click on either I'm happy! or Something bothers me to indicate whether you wish to leave positive or negative feedback
  2. Type your message into the free text field.
    NB! the feedback field is limited to 1000 characters and our team is not able to respond to any questions submitted through the Feedback feature. For any questions, please raise a support ticket.
  3. Click ​Submit.

Feature Requests

If you have a suggestion or a request for a new feature, like a new channel integration or changes to existing functionality, then please suggest it on our Feature Requests forum.

The Submit Your Feedback popup will take you directly to the respective forum page in our Support Center if you click on Please post your idea here.


Be sure to check and upvote any existing requests from our users that you would also like to be added. Our team regularly checks any requests by our users for future development and optimization plans.

Raising a support ticket

Whether you have a question about the functions in our system or want to report a technical issue rather than feedback, you can raise a support ticket. Clicking on Please raise a support ticket in the Submit Your Feedback window will redirect you to our Support Center. Full details on raising support tickets are available here.

raise ticket