Linnworks UI - Sync status

The Sync status feature provides information about automated tasks in your system such as order download and inventory updates.

sync status v2

Table of Contents:


The Processing tab provides a list of processes that are currently active on your account, along with information on how long they have been executing. Clicking on the arrow icon will display some further information.


The View logs option at the bottom will redirect you to the Automation Logs screen, which provides a history of sync tasks that have been executed in your system during a selected time period.


The Pending tab displays upcoming automatically scheduled syncs along with their estimated execution start time. In addition to system-generated tasks, it will also display upcoming scheduled imports and exports.



During synchronisation, there are times when issues are reported either by the channel or our own internal processes that require your attention to resolve. The Sync status icon on the side menu will display an additional red circle indicating the number of errors, to prompt you to check them.

sync error v2

The Errors tab will display the sync jobs that have had issues since the last time the Errors tab was cleared of any errors with the particular job.


The number represents how many errors have been reported for the specific task since the last time you acknowledged or cleared the errors in this tab. Clicking on the task (e.g. Amazon - Requesting Reports) in the list will take you to the Automation Logs  screen, where you can check the reported errors in more detail.

Once you have resolved the issue, we recommend that you clear the message from the Errors tab either by clicking on the x next to it or by using the Clear all errors option at the bottom to clear the tab of all messages. Clearing resolved errors helps make sure that you will not miss any new issues reported in the Sync status window.