Linnworks UI - User menu

The top right-hand corner of the header bar displays your Linnworks account email address. Clicking it will open the user menu with access to Your Settings, General Settings, Subscription and Billing details and the log-out option.

user menu v2

Table of Contents:

User & Account holder

Both fields in this section are read-only and display your Linnworks account information.

  • User email: the email of the currently logged in user associated with the account.
  • Account holder: the main Linnworks account email. This is also the email that all your tickets and chats in our Support Center are assigned to. Steps for changing the main account email are provided in this solution article.
NB! Some features in the user menu can only be accessed by the account holder.

Your settings

The Your settings section enables you to change some system settings for your Linnworks login, change your Linnworks login email address and password and enable/disable Two-factor authentication for your user account.

The Account holder and users with the necessary User Management permissions will also see a section for Company details.

For full details on the Your settings screen, please see here. 

General Settings

The General Settings link in the User menu provides a shortcut to the Settings > General Settings section which includes a range of options for configuring your Linnworks account defaults, display, features and usage options. General Settings include controls and settings affecting a number of tools and areas within Linnworks.

Full details on General Settings are available here.


The Subscription screen shows all available Linnworks plans and payment cycles. This page allows you to change your current plan and update your payment details.

NB! The subscription screen can only be accessed by the Account holder.

subscription v2

For full details on the Your Linnworks Plan screen, please check here.


The Billing page provides details of your current Linnworks plan, payment dates, payment amounts, your plan-related account usage overview and access to paid and unpaid invoices.

user menu billing

For full details on the Billing page, please see here.