User menu - Subscription

This page allows the Account Holder to change the current subscription plan. The right side of the screen also displays subscription-related usage information of your account to assist you in selecting a suitable plan.

NB! The Subscription screen can only be accessed by the Account holder.


subscription v2

Table of Contents:

Choose your Linnworks Plan

This section of the screen displays a short overview of the available Linnworks plans to choose from. 

The screen displays the allowed user, order, and SKU count for each plan together with the annual base price for the plan.

In case of any further questions about our plans, you can contact our Sales team via the Chat with us button above the plan descriptions.

Your current plan

This section shows the details of your current subscription plan in comparison to the specifics of each of the available subscription plans.

  • Plan: Shows the type of your current subscription plan
  • Period: the date range of your current subscription.
  • Status: the status of your current subscription
  • Orders: shows the monthly average number of orders added into your system to compare with the plan allowances.
  • Inventory: shows the number of SKUs in your inventory to compare with the plan allowances.

Changing subscription plan:

  1. Choose the plan that you would like to subscribe to and click on Select Plan on the corresponding plan box.

  2. A new screen will open with a quick overview of the selected plan and pricing.
    new plan
  3. - Select Cancel if you wish to select a different plan.
    - Select Checkout when you are happy with the selected plan.

  4. After clicking Checkout, the Linnworks Subscription Checkout screen will open, where you can add your payment details, read and agree with the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and EULA and finalize your checkout.

Updating payment details

Linnworks does not store users' payment details for security and privacy reasons. In cases where the payment details need to be updated, for example, to add a new payment card, then the Subscription screen can also be used to update your payment details. In short, you would need to go through the same steps as you would for changing your subscription plan. 

More details and some additional information for updating payment details are available in this solution article